Miss Earth Schweiz support The Race for Water Foundation

The Race for Water Foundation initiated an environmental sailing expedition in 2015 to draw the first global assessment of plastic pollution in our oceans. The aim was to collect scientific datas and to meet local population to understand how they currently deal with this huge issue.



Stop water plastic pollution – From the impact to the solutions

The foundation aims to identify, promote and help implement solutions that give end-of-life plastics a value and to create new sources of income for the people most affected by pollution. Using an innovative approach inspired by the principles of a circular economy and social entrepreneurship, Race for Water Foundation seeks to give an economic value to plastic waste and prevent the plastic pollution of our waterways, creating important environmental, social and economic benefits.

The Race for Water Foundation is developing programs based on three pillars:

  • LEARN : Assemble the scientific community to better understand the impact of plastic pollution and potential solutions.
  • SHARE : Alert, mobilise and inform people of the urgent need to find solutions to stem the flow of plastic pollution into the waterways of our planet. Inspire the next generation to act to preserve our water resources and engage them to make a difference with the help of the super hero ‘Titeuf’.
  • ACT : Develop a new social economic model that gives end-of-life plastic a value and creates new sources of income for the local underprivileged communities



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